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Polarteknik acquires the business of PneumaXpert

Polarteknik Oy has completed the acquisition of PneumaXpert business on 1st June 2018. 

PneumaXpert is a Finnish company specialized in applied pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics, offering its’ products and services for leading OEM-manufacturers in Finland. Sellers are Jari Laaksonen, Erik Haavisto and Vesa Ropponen, all active in the company’s management and from today part of Polarteknik’s pneumatic organization. 

PneumaXpert’s Managing Director Jari Laaksonen: “It was the time take the next step in PneumaXpert’s growth strategy. With Polarteknik as new owner, we are able to continue positive development together.” 

Polarteknik and its’ Pneumatics business unit Pimatic provides systems and components that meet the requirements of various pneumatic applications with engineered solutions that cannot be fulfilled with standard products. 

Polarteknik’s Managing Director Tomi Ojala: “PneumaXpert is a strong and growing company with lot of knowledge of applied pneumatics and low-pressure hydraulics, providing an excellent match to Polarteknik’s strategy in engineered pneumatics.” 

Through integration, Polarteknik with PneumaXpert will together be able to focus on generating new opportunities and offer best in class customer experience with new stronger organization. 


Huittinen, Finland, June 1st 2018

Tomi Ojala
Managing Director
Polarteknik Oy 

For more information, please contact:
Tomi Ojala, Managing Director, +358 207 709 521 


New company structure

PMC Polarteknik Pneumatics and Door Systems combined into Polarteknik Oy

HUITTINEN, Finland: Following the acquisition of PMC Group by Nordstjernan in January 2016 a restructuring of the group of companies has taken place. Former business divisions PMC Polarteknik Pneumatics and Door Systems have been combined into a separate business unit Polarteknik Oy starting October 1st 2016.

New strong ownership and clarified company structure creates new opportunities and streamlines the customer experience which is reflected in better efficiency and delivery accuracy explains the appointed Managing Director Tomi Ojala.

Polarteknik Pneumatics has an offering that ranges from custom made components and integrated actuators to wide-range pneumatic systems. High knowledge of customer requirements, combined with expertise in co-operation with the leading manufacturers, enables us to provide our customers with first rate service.
Polarteknik Door Systems product range includes complete fire barrier walls, automatic single or double leaf sliding doors, telescopic, curved, manual sliding and hinged doors. The service portfolio includes design, installation and commissioning support, maintenance, modernization, spare parts and technical support during the lifetime of the fleet.

At Innotrans 2016 Polarteknik will be exhibiting in new corporate colours and a fresh new look that communicates Finnish capability for innovation, forward looking attitude and courage to take on new challenges. It also features the contradiction of fire hot and cold and the multitude of environmental conditions Polarteknik products can cope with. Please visit our stand 411 in hall 3.1 and see the latest innovation in fire integrity structures for Rolling Stock.

With a history from the 1970`s Polarteknik Oy is a well-known company for its capability for innovation and tailoring customer oriented solutions for the large global OEM’s. Products and services offering ranges from standard components to bespoke customized systems.


For more information, please contact:

Tomi Ojala
Managing Director
Polarteknik Oy
+358 207 709 521

New Projects in UK for Polarteknik Door Systems

Polarteknik Oy Ab and Hitachi Rail Europe Ltd. have signed the contract for automatic interior door systems for IEP-project in December 2013. The contract’s first phase includes the 2300 sets of door systems, with a total value of approximately 6,1 MEUR.

Intercity Express Project (IEP) is one of the most significant railway projects in UK and therefore also one of the biggest railway projects currently in Europe with its’ total value of £4.5 billion.

The door system deliveries are to begin in April 2014, and in first phase, the delivery address is Hitachi’s Kasado works in Japan. Later in second phase, when the production of IEP trains is transferred from Japan to Newton Aycliffe, Durham, the goods are shipped to Hitachi’s new UK manufacturing plant still under construction.

Since the beginning of the project, it was clear that many challenges are to be tackled. Due to very strict space envelope especially in the area of gangway fire doors, it was necessary to design a new low-height concept for the door mechanism, not forgetting the unrestricted access for maintainable items.

Fire safety on board is implemented according to the latest norms, and the structural fire integrity of 20 minutes for the gangway doors is exceptionally implemented with laminated fire glasses.

Communication between train TCMS and door systems is according to RS-485 standard, providing functionality regarding diagnostics and operational follow-up during warranty period and throughout the entire life cycle of 35 years.

Additional information:

Tomi Ojala, Divisional Director, Door Systems
Tel. +358 207 709 521

Jussi Kankkunen, Engineering Manager, Door Systems
Tel. +358 207 709  575

Polarteknik supplies Interior Door Systems for ICX and PKP projects – optimal life cycle costs and maintainability with state-of-the art design

Polarteknik will deliver door systems for the ICx-type trains operated by the German Deutsche Bahn.

The order was placed by Siemens AG, a leading provider of integrated mobility solutions. The 13 MEUR contract was signed in December 2011 followed by extensive design and validation work, which is currently under process.

A total of 300 trainsets

The ICx trains, considered as the backbone of Deutsche Bahn’s future long-distance network, are going to be manufactured in two phases. The initial phase will include 130 trains, and the second phase will include 170 trains.

Several new aspects are taken into consideration in the design of the interior doors. High level of travel comfort combined with modular and highly flexible interior configuration has been implemented in co-operation with Siemens AG. Possibility to use similar parts for all doors increases reliability, facilitates maintenance, and ties less capital during the life cycle of a train. ”Flexible interior configuration allows our customers to utilize several different door variants that are available for different operating conditions and requirements”, says Tomi Ojala, Director of Door Systems Division at Polarteknik. One of the doors has even been named as the “Flexible Door”, which can be installed after the train assembly at any time during commercial operation.

A safe and energy-saving solution

Low energy consumption and extremely low-weight gangway fire doors enable to achieve the target of 30% less energy consumption. The door systems consume only 7W in stand-by mode, and approximately 15W in operation at nominal cant situation. In addition to uncompromised fire safety and TSI PRM compliance, the interior doors have been designed for optimal life cycle costs and maintainability. For example maintenance of the carriages can be done without removing the engine.

Designed for interoperability

According to today’s trend of extending operations across the borders, the ICx interior doors also fully support interoperability requirements. The basic configurations are designed for use in Germany and Austria, and the ten-car trains are also configured for Switzerland. The first order also includes trains equipped for operation in Holland. Trains for several other European countries are available on request.

Long-term framework contract with Alstom

Polarteknik will also deliver PKP interior doors for Alstom Transport. A project worth of 2 MEUR consists of insulation fire doors and several configurations of vestibule doors for 20 trains of the New Pendolino technology platform. The project is the first one to be attached into the already signed long-term framework contract between Polarteknik and Alstom Transport.

For further information, please contact:

Tomi Ojala, Director, Door Systems division
tel. +358 207 709 521