Door systems / Partition Walls

Partition Walls

Main features

  • All components and materials are of high quality and thoroughly tested
  • Sliding door mechanism pre-assembled and tested
  • Minimized amount of assembly modules
  • Easy service access for internal components
  • Easy integration to train systems
  • Optimized for low maintenance costs
  • Flexible scope of supply

Technical specifications

  • 30 minutes insulating fire barrier EW 20, EI 15 – 30
  • Surface coats: Anodization, wet paint, powder coat, anti-graffiti
  • Pocket or surface mounted door leaves
  • Open and close locks available
  • Force closing device optional
  • Nominal weight from 100 kg
  • Remote open function


Fire barrier body-end and partition walls


Tomi Ojala
Managing Director, Door Systems

Phone:+358 (0)20 770 9500