Smart partition wall by Polarteknik

for an elevated onboard experience

Smart partition wall by Polarteknik is a value-added solution for super modern, versatile and effortless passenger compartment division.

The all-new solution meets today’s adaptation requirements and the need for more cyber secure, IoT ready and infotainment prepared partition.

Main features

  • All components and materials are of high quality and thoroughly tested
  • Manufactured according to IRIS quality system
  • Sliding door mechanism pre-assembled and tested
  • Minimized amount of assembly modules
  • Easy service access for internal components
  • Easy integration to train systems
  • Optimized for low maintenance costs
  • Flexible scope of supply

Superior Visual Quality and Contrast with Plug & Play Readiness

Smart partition wall – value-added solution

  • Added sense of openness between the cars
  • Improved acoustics and privacy
  • Polished design
  • Transparent, multipurpose 55” OLED screen
  • Keeping the travelers informed and entertained

Perfected for railway rolling stock and customer-tailored to meet international and national requirements.

Smart partition wall is more-in-one

ADAPTABLE – Smart partition is the perfect fit for various train configurations. It comes with customizable door drive location and direction, dimensions, surface treatment, compliance validation, and more.

CYBER SECURE – The door control unit is a state-of-the-art specimen of product development. TS50701-compliant and tested for vulnerabilities, the unit enables the controller to connect through a number of network protocols. If it doesn’t exist yet – we will develop it.

IoT READY – The system is ready for use as a data acquisition unit. Door-sourced data can be leveraged for predictive maintenance as well as onboard passenger flow planning and management.

INFOTAINMENT – The super brilliant in-built hi-res 55” display on the partition wall is railway ready and offers a superior platform for the operator to display information and commercial offers. With added travel comfort and safety, this helps passengers navigate onboard, locate services, track train location en route and view mission data, such as travel speed and upcoming stations.

Technical details


  • Materials EN 45545 HL 2
  • Structure EN 12663-1:2010 Cat. P-II (3g)
  • Weight 200kg
  • Door drive located on the floor or overhead


  • Size 55 ” (only)
  • Resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • Electricity Power Supply –110V ~ 240V 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption –Typ. 309W, Max 318W, BTU 1054.35, DPM 3W, Power Off
  • Operational Environment
    • Temperature –0 °C ~ 40 °C
    • Humidity –10% ~ 80%
  • Installation FFC Cable Length –Max. 1,600mm(Measured →)
  • Weight –Panel 13.4kg, Signage Box 4.3kg
  • Optical Brightness –150/400 nit (APL 100/25%) – viewing angle 178 degrees
  • Transparency –38% Sunlight
  • UV coating at front (not at behind)
  • Depth 6.64mm(/w cabinet) 4.89mm(active area)
  • Manufacturers limited warranty 3 years
  • Interface: HDMI(1), DP In/Out(1), IR In(1)RJ45 In/Out(1), USB(2) RS232C In/Out(1), Audio Out(1) Internal Memory(64GB), FFC Cable(1.6 meter)


Products are designed and manufactured according to the latest International IRIS processes.
Under copyright Polarteknik reserves the right to change the data at any time or for any reason without notice.