We deliver reliable, sustainable and efficiently produced interior door systems for the world’s leading train manufacturers. We are known on the international markets as a trusted and forward-looking partner that promotes sustainability and combines experience, industry understanding and vision.

We bring great value in a small package.

The Polarteknik product range includes:

  • complete fire barrier walls
  • partition walls
  • gangway cassettes
  • automatic single or double leaf sliding doors
  • telescopic, curved manual sliding and hinged doors.

Our door systems are used in new and modern as well as refurbished passenger coaches to increase passenger comfort and safety.

Having designed and supplied thousands of door components and systems over a period of three decades, we at Polarteknik have accumulated a wide-ranging understanding of the industry and our customers, and in-depth expertise and long-term commitment to our customers, staff, other stakeholders and the environment. This combination lays a solid foundation for our continued design, development and construction of top-level integrated compact door systems. Through collaboration with our customers, we have developed modular doors with the lowest LCC values on the market.

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