Manual and automatic sliding doors

Internal sliding door systems can be adapted to the most diverse functional requirements for public transport. Door systems provide active and passive safety for passengers and are easy to install and maintain. For the production of internal door systems, we use aluminium alloys and other materials that enable us to achieve a lightweight product with high resistance parameters and a fire barrier. Different surface treatments are available to perfectly fit the finish to customers’ interior schemes.

Main features:

  • Compact modular design – easy to install and maintain
  • Electrically or pneumatically powered
  • Microprocessor-controlled with integrated safety functions
  • Lightweight with low space requirements
  • Adjustable for varying spaces and different environments
  • Designed to last for 30 years of operation
  • Minimal need for maintenance
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • All components and materials are of high quality and thoroughly tested
  • Fire doors are tested against 20 minutes integrity
  • Available both automatic and manual versions
  • EW/EI 15–30 available