Imagine a metro or commuter train where safety is paramount, passengers feel secure, and emergencies are swiftly managed. Our patented cutting-edge Fire Curtain technology brings this vision to life, delivering a multitude of benefits that redefine passenger safety.


  • Rapid Fire Containment: In the event of a fire, every second counts. Our Fire Curtain system deploys rapidly, instantly isolating the affected area, preventing the spread of flames, smoke*, and toxic gases*, and allowing passengers to evacuate safely.*)subject to surrounding train body structures
  • Life-Saving Efficiency: With our Fire Curtain in place, evacuation procedures become more organized and efficient. Passengers and crew can evacuate calmly and swiftly, reducing the risk of panic and injury.
  • Minimal Disruption: Unlike traditional fire doors, our Fire Curtain takes up minimal space, ensuring that emergency exits remain unobstructed. This allows for smoother evacuations and quicker response times for emergency personnel.
  • Enhanced Passenger Confidence: When passengers know that their safety is a top priority, they gain confidence in using metro and commuter trains. Our Fire Curtain system fosters trust, encouraging ridership and improving public perception.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Our Fire Curtain solutions are designed to meet and exceed stringent safety regulations, ensuring that your metro, tram or commuter trains are fully compliant with industry standards.
  • Cost-Efficient Solution: Investing in Fire Curtains is a cost-effective way to enhance safety. They require minimal maintenance and can be integrated seamlessly into existing train systems new build or refurbishment.
  • Versatile Applications: Our Fire Curtains can be customized to fit various train configurations and layouts, making them suitable for a wide range of metro and commuter train designs.
  • Cost effective solution compared to active systems (ie. sprinkler or hi-fog based systems) – no water damages in case of fire


  • Curtain drops automatically when power is cut out
  • Also available with motorized operations, Estimated power consumption in operation 100W
  • Main purpose is to provide E15, E20 – even up to E30 fire wall functionality
  • Fire resistance EN 1634-1 (structure tested to E30, material tested already to 240min)
  • Functionality and Loading characteristics according to railway requirements 3G
  • Structural EN 12663-1:2010 Category P-II
  • Shock and vibration IEC61373
  • Materials EN45545
  • Electrical EN50155
  • Manufactured at ISO9001 and IRIS standards