Polarteknik supplies Interior Door Systems for ICX and PKP projects – optimal life cycle costs and maintainability with state-of-the art design

Polarteknik will deliver door systems for the ICx-type trains operated by the German Deutsche Bahn.

The order was placed by Siemens AG, a leading provider of integrated mobility solutions. The 13 MEUR contract was signed in December 2011 followed by extensive design and validation work, which is currently under process.

A total of 300 trainsets

The ICx trains, considered as the backbone of Deutsche Bahn’s future long-distance network, are going to be manufactured in two phases. The initial phase will include 130 trains, and the second phase will include 170 trains.

Several new aspects are taken into consideration in the design of the interior doors. High level of travel comfort combined with modular and highly flexible interior configuration has been implemented in co-operation with Siemens AG. Possibility to use similar parts for all doors increases reliability, facilitates maintenance, and ties less capital during the life cycle of a train. ”Flexible interior configuration allows our customers to utilize several different door variants that are available for different operating conditions and requirements”, says Tomi Ojala, Director of Door Systems Division at Polarteknik. One of the doors has even been named as the “Flexible Door”, which can be installed after the train assembly at any time during commercial operation.

A safe and energy-saving solution

Low energy consumption and extremely low-weight gangway fire doors enable to achieve the target of 30% less energy consumption. The door systems consume only 7W in stand-by mode, and approximately 15W in operation at nominal cant situation. In addition to uncompromised fire safety and TSI PRM compliance, the interior doors have been designed for optimal life cycle costs and maintainability. For example maintenance of the carriages can be done without removing the engine.

Designed for interoperability

According to today’s trend of extending operations across the borders, the ICx interior doors also fully support interoperability requirements. The basic configurations are designed for use in Germany and Austria, and the ten-car trains are also configured for Switzerland. The first order also includes trains equipped for operation in Holland. Trains for several other European countries are available on request.

Long-term framework contract with Alstom

Polarteknik will also deliver PKP interior doors for Alstom Transport. A project worth of 2 MEUR consists of insulation fire doors and several configurations of vestibule doors for 20 trains of the New Pendolino technology platform. The project is the first one to be attached into the already signed long-term framework contract between Polarteknik and Alstom Transport.

For further information, please contact:

Tomi Ojala, Director, Door Systems division
tel. +358 207 709 521