New Projects in UK for Polarteknik Door Systems

Polarteknik Oy Ab and Hitachi Rail Europe Ltd. have signed the contract for automatic interior door systems for IEP-project in December 2013. The contract’s first phase includes the 2300 sets of door systems, with a total value of approximately 6,1 MEUR.

Intercity Express Project (IEP) is one of the most significant railway projects in UK and therefore also one of the biggest railway projects currently in Europe with its’ total value of £4.5 billion.

The door system deliveries are to begin in April 2014, and in first phase, the delivery address is Hitachi’s Kasado works in Japan. Later in second phase, when the production of IEP trains is transferred from Japan to Newton Aycliffe, Durham, the goods are shipped to Hitachi’s new UK manufacturing plant still under construction.

Since the beginning of the project, it was clear that many challenges are to be tackled. Due to very strict space envelope especially in the area of gangway fire doors, it was necessary to design a new low-height concept for the door mechanism, not forgetting the unrestricted access for maintainable items.

Fire safety on board is implemented according to the latest norms, and the structural fire integrity of 20 minutes for the gangway doors is exceptionally implemented with laminated fire glasses.

Communication between train TCMS and door systems is according to RS-485 standard, providing functionality regarding diagnostics and operational follow-up during warranty period and throughout the entire life cycle of 35 years.

Additional information:

Tomi Ojala, Divisional Director, Door Systems
Tel. +358 207 709 521

Jussi Kankkunen, Engineering Manager, Door Systems
Tel. +358 207 709  575