Polarteknik Customer survey results 2021

Dear Customers,

Thank you for attending the yearly customer survey questionnaire. Your feedback is enormously valuable! For all of you and especially those of you who did not have the time or opportunity to respond this time we welcome your free response in every encounter and invite your comments on how to work in a way that even better meets your expectations.

Overall the results were very good and it seems we have been able to retain your confidence and satisfaction in many aspects of our activities even in these challenging times. Especially the product technical quality and employee commitment, competence and solution orientation are seen to be on a very high level. Thank you for your feedback.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 26 is a good result
Overall satisfaction customer index 76% is very good

In the activities and for the customers where we have failed to meet expectation, we will carefully visit the comments given, analyse them and come back to you to work on improvement points.

The activity that requires the most work and improvement from us is still flexibility in change management even though through our activities we see improvement from last years results. We will work on it to bring it to the same level as our other functions. We hope that you continue to experience improvement in the next months and years to follow.

Yearly survey has been an ongoing process for us for 3 years in this format. For the next season we will change the collection system slightly in order to get a more active participation and more people involved in answering the questionnaire.

Polarteknik Oy