Smart partition / More-in-one

Smart partition wall is more-in-one


ADAPTABLE – Smart partition is the perfect fit for various train configurations. It comes with customizable door drive location and direction, dimensions, surface treatment, compliance validation, and more.


CYBER SECURE – The door control unit is a state-of-the-art specimen of product development. TS50701-compliant and tested for vulnerabilities, the unit enables the controller to connect through a number of network protocols. If it doesn’t exist yet – we will develop it.


IoT READY – The system is ready for use as a data acquisition unit. Door-sourced data can be leveraged for predictive maintenance as well as onboard passenger flow planning and management.


INFOTAINMENT – The super brilliant in-built hi-res 55” display on the partition wall is railway ready and offers a superior platform for the operator to display information and commercial offers. With added travel comfort and safety, this helps passengers navigate onboard, locate services, track train location en route and view mission data, such as travel speed and upcoming stations.