Smart Partition Wall

for an elevated onboard experience

Smart partition wall by Polarteknik is a value-added solution for super modern, versatile and effortless passenger compartment division.

The all-new solution meets today’s adaptation requirements and the need for more cyber secure, IoT ready and infotainment prepared partition.


Main features

  • All components and materials are of high quality and thoroughly tested
  • Manufactured according to IRIS quality system
  • Sliding door mechanism pre-assembled and tested
  • Minimized amount of assembly modules
  • Easy service access for internal components
  • Easy integration to train systems
  • Optimized for low maintenance costs
  • Flexible scope of supply





Superior Visual Quality and Contrast with Plug & Play Readiness


Smart partition wall – value-added solution

  • Added sense of openness between the cars
  • Improved acoustics and privacy
  • Polished design
  • Transparent, multipurpose 55” OLED screen
  • Keeping the travelers informed and entertained

Perfected for railway rolling stock and customer-tailored to meet international and national requirements.



Smart partition wall
Control unit D56